TWoA will be replacing our older fleet of Samsung Printers with brand new Fuji Xerox MFDs. The change will be occurring in late 2020-early 2021. As a tauira/student, you will need to generate a new 5-digit PIN in order to release your prints and to access the Photocopy and Scan functions.

Log into Print Portal

  1. Go to the web portal
  2. Log in with your Tauira email address and password

Uploading a document that you want to print-

  1. Click Web Print from the left menu

  2. Click Submit a Job
  3. Click Upload Documents
  4. Click Upload from computer and select the Document you would like to print
  5. Click Upload & Complete

Printing a document

  1. Log into the Printer with your printer PIN - (How do I find my PIN?)

  2. Now click Print Release

  3. Select the documents you want to print and click Print